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Date of Wedding: September 08, 2005    Married At: garden of love las vegas

what a terrible place they promised me a beautiful wedding a disaster from the start my suit had to be pinned up as it was to short the service was made acceptable only my the minister and the elvis impersonator the photos were all over the place and only taken in the chapel the reception which we were promised was 20minutes away in a sports bar in a not so nice part of town not a wooden floored with fire place and beautiful furnishings as promised a place that the 40 people who had come from england couldnt even fit in then if that wasnt enough the bride was badgered for $300 dollars more or the function would be cancelled trying to sort it out next day resulted in her being in tears after being threatened with police imigration and her wedding being not registered if the money wasnt paid. stay well away from these fraudsters who promise everything and give nothing but misery we wont forget our wedding day

philip lawson <> - england    

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