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Date of Wedding: July 13, 2005    Married At: Las Vegas Garden Of Love

To everyone out there that is looking for a great wedding chapel in Las Vegas look no more the Garden Of Love was the best. I was actually down getting my marriage license when some people handed me some flyers about different wedding chapels in Las Vegas. The Garden Of Love took the most abuse from the other wedding chapels so I went to check out all the wedding chapels and they were terrible they were ugly and dirty. The people from the Garden of Love asked me if I would like to take a free limo ride to just look at the Garden of Love and you know what I saw 5 beautiful chapels it was hard for me to choose which one to get married in. I meet the family that owns the wedding chapel they told me about all the other chapels hating them and I believe that was true. People actually told me from the other chapels that they would lie and charge me extra costs, but guess what they were the liars it was a scam to get me to go to there chapel. Maybe that is why the Garden of Love is number #1 so to the other chapels why don't you take a hint from the Garden of Love and make our marriage come first and stop worrying about the money worry about our weddings like they did and your business will be great to . Thank you to all the staff at the Garden of Love you made my day great and I thank you over and over again. Stay special and great. Shirley Jones Dorsey From Boston

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