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Date of Wedding: February 14, 2005    Married At: Texas Station


Flew out of Detroit (Toledo lost their connection to Las Vegas) on February 9 to get married in Vegas on Valentine?s Day. Everything went picture perfect until the day after the wedding (more about that later).

We had a limo waiting for us at the airport to take us to Palace Station. Had a gorgeous room the tower and friends who live in Vegas to take us wherever we wanted to go. First stop was to get our marriage license. I was amazed at how many older couples there were in line. We figured it would mostly be couples in their 20?s, and that we would feel out of place (as we were a bit older), but surprisingly, the majority of them were in their 40?s and 50?s. And quite a long line it was, as it was Valentine?s weekend.

With that done, we had over three days to do as we pleased before the ceremony. We gambled a lot, drank a lot, went to the Strip, and had some fabulous meals. I had one of the best meals ever at Pasta Palace in Palace Station. It was the Valentine?s Special.

The morning of our wedding, my daughter had sent to our room roses, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries. She had been working closely with our casino host Kathy. They put their heads together and the plan came off perfectly. I never had a clue.

We chose to get married at Texas Station. We have such a connection to Station Casinos, that our whole day was planned with that in mind. We have so many fond memories with them over the eight years going to Vegas that we wanted to add one more. We couldn?t have made a better choice. The chapel at Texas was beautiful. It looked as if it were brand new. We were the only couple scheduled to be married there on Valentine?s Day. We had our pick of the time we wanted, so we choose 11:00 AM. Our friends from Vegas took us to the chapel, where we met my husband?s two aunts, who also live there. They were our witnesses. So, we did have family attending. I would not have changed a thing. Everything went like clockwork. We did all the planning through the wedding coordinator, Lupe, by E-mail, fax and phone. Nothing was forgotten, left behind, or lost. Since ours was the only wedding that day, we were told we could go back in and take all the pictures we wanted. I had told the aunts to go crazy with the camera, take as many as you like.

After the ceremony, as everybody we were with liked to gamble, we headed for the casino floor. My husband took his buddy for a Manhattan at the Martini Bar. I found a machine close by, and ordered a drink from the floor cocktail waitress. I realized I had left all my lose change back in the room, so I went up to the bar to get some change from my husband and he said, ?See it?s starting already.?

Everywhere we went we were complimented, congratulated and commented on. I had seen so many brides on our previous trips, and had done the same thing, not knowing that some day I would be a Vegas bride. My husband was so proud. He said, ?Let?s do this every year; go to a different hotel, dress up like this in our wedding clothes, every year on our anniversary.?

We went to the Fiesta for lunch (they are connected to the Station Casinos, also). Then our friends took us back to Palace Station.

We had a limo reserved for our wedding supper at Sunset Station (again compliments of Palace Station). One of my husband?s favorite restaurants is the Sonoma Cellar. On a previous trip, he had become acquainted with Michael the manager there and he had called and set up a reservation time. My daughter was at work again, behind our backs, and made sure there was a bottle of champagne at our table. It was a great meal, and would highly recommend the restaurant. It is well worth the trip, as it is in Henderson.

Sunset arranged for our limo ride back to Palace. We were still caught up in the excitement of our wedding day, and not ready to call it quits yet. Back out on the floor for more gambling. This was not our best trip winning wise. Neither one of us were big winners. We had been accustomed to a least one of us hitting a jackpot, but not this trip. But all in all, nothing was going to spoil this trip. Until, the next day. I woke up with the flu, and spent the whole day in the room. I didn?t leave until our 6:00 check out time. Our limo wasn?t due to pick us up until 8:30, so I found a couch and got comfortable (actually I was able to fall asleep, after seeping all day in the room) until it was time to leave. Then on to the airport. There is no way to get comfortable there. Those seats are not made for comfort. Finally, we boarded, and I slept all the way home. After all the great meals in Vegas, I was only able to drink two cups of tea and a can to tomato juice that day.

Even with the flu, which took me almost four weeks to get over, I wouldn?t have changed one single thing. I would recommend a Vegas wedding to anyone. It was that perfect.

Marilyn Onody <> - Swanton Ohio    

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