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Date of Wedding: May 18, 2005    Married At: Garden of Love Chapel in Vegas Nevada...

Knowing that your wedding day is the most special day in your lives, we sincerely wanted to share the dissapointment we experienced with anybody who is planning on having their wedding at the GARDEL OF LOVE Chapel. The owner, Cheryl Luel will offer you a magical wedding day, special, like the Vegas dream wedding. However, when reality kicks in, you will see and realize how much worthed was to pay a couple of extra hundred dolllars and have your wedding at any other place. Garden of Love chapel is very disorganized and dirty. People are walking up and down on flip-flop, jeans and T-shirts! We didn't want a wedding Trump style (nor we could afford it), nevertheless, this chapel was beyond a bad dream. Not only people looked very unprofessional, but also the place was dirty, hot like hell (and imagine if your guests are wearing suits and dresses) and the people particularly the drivers were really rude. We paid for a package of 200 dollars, which supposedly included a DVD, pictures, limosine services and the chapel, and the DVD was in blank, so no video of the wedding, of 48 pictures, only 15 were ok, and the limo driver also looked like your average neighboor Joe...the guy showed up to pick us up wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, and the limo was again with no air conditioning, which in Vegas at 98 F was a real sauna... If you care for good memories of your wedding day, hope you take our 'adventure' and look for a better place to get married than Garden of Love...and if you allow us an advice, pay a little bit extra for a nice Chapel in a nice Hotel because it would make a hell of a difference!!!!...

Toohey <> - Battle Creek, Michigan    

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