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Date of Wedding: August 20, 2006    Married At: Chapel of Love- Graceland

Viola Ianniello, origanally from Brooklyn, New York married James Caryl, from St. Joseph,Missouri on this very hot day in August after just knowing each other for 6 weeks. Posted this day in January 20th, 8 days before his birthday...Viola is proud to say she is pregnant and still going strong with her pregnancy on the beginning of her third month. Whether it is a girl or a boy...James Caryl, now being 37 is proud to learn his wife is pregnant and is due in late August 2009 or early September 2009...We are extatic to bear a child.
I count my blessings at age 42 to be pregnant again...Miltiadis, age 13, will be proud to have a sister or brother...(Better late than never son!)...Mom and Stepdad love you and wish to see you as soon as possible. You are always welcome to come home. You are now 13 and legally can make your choice to see your mother...
As for friends and family members thank you for your encouragement and all our great times in the past...But Viola is a Momma again, sorry for not contacting anyone, have to take it slow...
Our parents angels our constantly around!! Thank you Lord for the ability to have a child 3 years after our marriage. Viola may be contacted at and James at

Viola Ianniello Caryl <> - Las Vegas, NV    

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