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Date of Wedding: May 29, 2007    Married At: Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas

I used Classic Vegas Weddings to do my wedding ceremony, photos, and video. We were happy at the moment, until we got our pictures VERY late. We got a letter with them telling us the video had some issues and would be along soon. I tried to contact the photographer SEVERAL times via email and phone and could not get a response. I got a response the first time I contacted him, but then never again. I even called the office and they never got back to me. When I called to follow up, they didn't remember me from before, and have still NOT returned a call to let me know what happened. I don't think I'll ever see that video. So if you just want some pictures and NO extras, go with these guys. I kinda wish I didn't book them ahead of time because there were people standing outside of the marriage license place that probably would have been better. They had a better price too. I saw their site but opted not to go with them. Oh well. Live and learn I guess. If you go with ClassicVegasWeddings, don't expect a lot for your money!!!! We even tipped them $40 each, you'd think they'd try to do a little more to make you happy with the delivery. Hey, maybe that's not a lot, but I'm not a big-roller. That's why I went to Vegas to get married in the fist place, to save some $$!! GOOD LUCK!!

Patti <> - Albany NY    

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