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Date of Wedding: November 21, 2006    Married At: The Little Church of the West

Last November 21st, 2006 My husband, me, my friends and my cousin flew from Torino to Las Vegas. The journey was very long and we were very tired, but we were happy for our wedding. We got married at 11.30 p.m. in The Little Church of the West. I wore a long white dress with the tail, the veil covered my face and in my hand I had a big bouquet with red roses and three orchids. My friend wore a cowboy suit with a big hat and walked near me and in front of the Minister introduced my husband to me; it was a funny idea, my husband took my veil off my face and kissed me. It was a very nice and unforgettable ceremony. The Little Church of the West is a very romantic chapel, the Minister was very kind, polite and spoke about the family, the futur and our LOVE. We can't forget that night, and the ceremony, and when everything was finished, my husband and me walked out of the church, and the bells rang in the night, with many little lamps shined on the trees in front of the door-church. We walked all night along the Strip and it was a wonderful dream for us and for our friends.
We got married in Las Vegas
God bless Las Vegas.

Rosanna Evelina Frisetti <> - Torino - Italy    

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