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Date of Wedding: December 31, 2002    Married At: Chapel of the Bells

The one nice thing was the limo driver was early in picking us up from our hotel. But the limo was very dirty and shabby. The limo driver was not dressed up very nice at all. He was friendly enough though. Went to the courthouse, got our license, was was waiting there to take us to the Chapel of the Bells. The chapel was not what I expected at all, I thought that it would be a separate building, it is part of a MOTEL! It was nice saying our vows. We didn't get our free bottle of champagne that they advertise. They rolled up our marriage certificate and put a rubber band around it. I was not happy about the at all. They put out envelopes for the minister and the limo drive with my husbands name on it and suggested a $40 gratuity for each of them. New Year's Eve is one of the busiest days of the year to get married, they have 2 limos but they did not have both them them going. We had to wait awhile after our ceremony to be taken back to our hotel. If I weren't wearing heels, we would have walked back. And to top everything of, I go to play the cassette of our seremony for my best friend last night and all it was was a loud buzzing sound. So now I have no photographic, visual, or audio memories of my wedding. Plus there are a lot of hidden charges that they do not tell us about when we reserved our time to get married. I do not have pleasant memories of the Bells, I don't see why they claim that it is world famous. I would not recommend anyone getting married there. But in the long run, what is important is who I married then how we married.

Michelle <> - Salt Lake City, UT    

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