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Date of Wedding: March 22, 2005    Married At: Chapel by the Bay at Mandalay Bay hotel

Mandalay Bay Chapel A-

We didn't give it an A because of a few minor things. Over all we were pretty happy. My flowers were AWSOME!!! The chapel is beautiful--of course. Here are the things that kept it from being an A :

1.We had Holly as our "day of" WC. She did ALOT and made sure everything went smoothly--but I don't think I EVER saw her crack a smile. My Husband(!!!) said that she seemed as though we were "just one more wedding in a long line of weddings." She was all business. I appreciate that she totally had her #&*! together but I guess I wanted more warmth. I am NOT the type of girl who needs coddling but I want the girl who is "running" my wedding to at least act like she likes me. A few of our guests even called her "militant" and "wedding nazi" Oh--I almost forgot this part: When she was in the groom's room giving Chris and his guys the directions Chris said "Ok, let me review this, I walk out and turn to the left." And she actually sighed and rolled her eyes a little bit.

2. More than a few of our guests commented on how shocked they were in HOW the Chapel told them that they were not allowed to take any photos. I was told that Holly said "We have a photographer so your photos won't be needed." Weird. Sure, Cashman took our "Official" photos--but my folks or friends from other states couldn't even take candids for their own reference. I thought that sucked.

Pharoah's Feast Buffet at the Luxor. A+++++

This vendor was BY FAR our favorite. I mailed all of my decorations down to the Luxor and picked them up the morning we got in. I delived them to the buffet the day before with photos and directions of how I wanted the tables to look. They did a BEAUTIFUL job. Everything was EXACTLY how I wanted it.

The buffet bakery did my cake and it was so yummy!!!! We had red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Oh my word--it was SOOOO good! I had cake jewelery that I had made that they decorated the cake with and it was so pretty. I can' t say enough good things about that cake!

All of the managers at the buffet were great to work with-I dealt with Sharee with the set-up, Pat on the phone during the planning, and Jackie the day of. In fact--2 of my guests who showed up late paid to get in to the buffet--and they noticed, came and told me--and refunded their money. I thought that was cool.

Cashman Photo: B

We did have a few photos that we liked--but be prepared for your photos to look like everyone elses. If you like candids or a more photo journalist style than I would STRONGLY suggest hiring an additional photographer to meet you outside the chapel when your ceremony is done. That is what we did and I am VERY glad that we did.

Out of 75 photos that Cashman took - we were able to find 20 that we liked. Enough to fill the album that came with our package. Both our parents like the photos--but I like black and white--kind of artsy photos--so I had my other photographer for that.

When you go to your appointment the next day to look over your photos--be prepared for a "Hard Sell" . They wanted us to buy the DVD of the ceremony for 125.00 and the CD of our photos for 700.00 . When we told her no--I felt like she didn't really hear us the first few times--but we made it out of there pretty quickly when the next set of newlyweds showed up for their appointment.

One more thing: Have a trusted friend or family member who is pretty forward look out for you during the photography--make sure your hair isn't sticking to your lip gloss, or that your dress isn't all hiked up on one side, or that your beloved aunty who is like a mother to you is left out of a few pictures. Trust me---you WON'T be in your right mind to notice!!!!

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