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Date of Wedding: January 01, 2005    Married At: Las Vegas Garden of Love

My fiance and I are going to Vegas to marry. We had been searching the internet for information about chapels in Vegas. We were contacted by phone and email from the Las Vegas Garden of Love telling us they had a special promotion but we had to jump on it immediately! Well I told them I had been to their site and wasn't happy with what I saw. They explained to me that they were doing a reality show and it would air in March and that if I would reserve this special with a deposit they would refund my monies if I did not like what I saw when the show aired.
The show aired last week and I did not like their premises at all. Nor did I care for the "crew" So I called to cancel my reservations. I was told that if I wasn't happy they would indeed cancel my reservations. I stated I wasn't and to please refund me my monies. They agreed to do this. I never received the deposit credit. I contacted them again and they act as if they don't know who I am and they state I didn't have a wedding package with them! I was very upset and told them to refund my card if I didn't have a package with them.
They got very ugly on the phone so I emailed them again and told them I wanted my money back! They are ignoring me.
I posted on a forum with ABC Family where their "reality show" is hosted.
The owner of the show was very rude and ugly to me calling me names and a liar. She showed her true colors and I'm thankful that she will not ruin my wedding day as she has so many others! They were all posting over there but strange the "bad reviews" were deleted...I say these people are shady....please move on to another chapel if you're considering them. I have filed fraud with my credit card company and filed a police report as well.

Marie <> - USA    

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