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Date of Wedding: February 18, 2005    Married At: Garden of Love

We were married at the Garden of Love Chapel in Vegas on 2/18/05. Picked up right on time from our hotel. The limo was nice, except for the broken window!!!

Taken to get our license, about a 20 minute wait.

Were taken to the chapel. Was a little disappointed as I wanted the chapel with the waterfall as is on their website. Was told that chapel was "in another location". Gee, I thought they only had one location as we were told by the limo driver they are opening a "second" location soon! Except for the outside of the building, none of the 5 chapels in the building were at all like their website photos! But the chapel we chose was nice.

Video was very shaky and unprofessional! We were supposed to get 48 pictures. I thought they would develop and print actual pictures. Wrong! We got a CD we had to have developed.

Here is where the really bad part comes in. There were several other couples getting married at the same time in other chapels. It was pure chaos when we got done with the ceremony waiting in a very small lobby.

Got home and paid $33.00 to develop the photos, and, yep...they weren't ours!!!! They were of another couple married that day. Called the chapel and they did send us a new CD with our photos. Was told they would reimburse my credit card for the photo developing of the wrong CD and they NEVER did. Even after several emails.

All in all it was a nice wedding. Just not as professional of service as I paid for.

Lori & Rick <> - Davenport, Iowa    

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