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Date of Wedding: January 01, 2003

I have been reading these comments and happened to notice the 2 from our chapel. I could not believe what I was reading! So afterwards I went into the files and looked up the dates that were listed and searched for both couples names that had written. We have no records of either of these people. It is very obvious to me that SOMEONE has written these nasty comments to make our chapel look bad! We are a very professional staff here at Vegas Wedding Bureau Chapel and the number 1 concern of ours is to give each couple the best wedding and memories possible! We DO NOT overbook as alot of chapels do. We give 150% of ourselves to each couple! I have lots of comments from our "REAL" customers that were written in our guest book AND we get alot of referrals from couples that were married here! We all truly care about our couples and I think its terrible that some person associated with a "bad chapel" is so jealous and petty that they would stoop so low to make derrogatory comments on a website!

Marcy Wheeler, Las Vegas Wedding Bureau & Chapel

Marcy Wheeler <> - Las vegas, Nevada    

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