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Date of Wedding: May 18, 2004    Married At: A little white wedding chapel

We can only recommend a wedding in Las Vegas at ' a little white wedding chapel'.
We've booked the deluxe package on the internet at home. Our decission for 'a little white wedding Chapel' was made because they've seemed to offer the perfect service for us. We've ordered the deluxe package. It includes all the parts we've liked.
The Limousine transfer from hotel to the chapel and back. The package of 24 pictures (including the negatives) The bride bouquet, the boutoniere, the garter, video etc. We've upgraded the package with the wedding broadcast on the internet, the marriage certificate holder and the photo album.
The wedding was just a dream. We're so satisfied! Full professional and perfect service. The ceremony was wonderful, the photos beautiful. My bride bouquet travelled after the wedding almost 2 weeks with us (through the desert) and was still fine on the end of our vacation.
We've stayed in the Luxor Hotel in the Jaccuzzi Suite, that was just perfect for the wedding!! After the wedding we went to the Venecian Hotel for a very romantic dinner.....
Wow! We know for sure... we will come back to this place for renewing our vows!
This wedding was so wonderful and the video and the photos are a great memory of the best time of our life!

Regina & William Donnelly <> - Germany    

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