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Date of Wedding: August 27, 1994    Married At: Little Church of the West

Bob and I were married at the Little Church of the West in 1994 when it was in front of the Hacienda Hotel. We had a small wedding and everything was perfect. We had our wedding dinner at Kiefers, which is not there any longer, which is a shame. It was one of the best and most intimate restaurants in Vegas. We also just attended our best friends beautiful wedding at the Little Church in May. They had about 30 people attend with dinner following the ceremony at Mimmo Ferraro's. Wonderful!!

We chose the Little Church of the West because it was just a tiny chapel, all by itself, surrounded by beautiful grounds. We didn't want to get married in the same place that we were sleeping (hotel) and most of the other chapels are gawdy and stuck in or next to horrible places. Depends on what you want, that's why there are so many.

Bob & Jeanne <> - Arizona    

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