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Date of Wedding: May 18, 2004    Married At: A Hollywood Wedding Chapel

We've been married for over 27 years, and this was a vow renewal for us. Our two college-age kids were there, as were four other family members. The Elvis-impersonator who performed our vow renewal ceremony was incredible! Since we had decided to go the Elvis route, we were all dressed in Elvis tee-shirts. My husband and I had on our "formal" sneakers - red high-tops for him, pink ones for me. His red bowtie complemented his sneakers beautifully. We wanted this to be romantic but fun! We couldn't have enjoyed it any more if we tried! We'd written some things that we wanted to say at the ceremony, and "Elvis" found a way to include our comments as well as his own. We had such a fun time with this! We ALL laughed until we cried - even Elvis! This was such a fabulous experience - what a memory this will make for all of us! Especially with the video and pictures! Thanks, Phyllis and everyone else, for making our day so terrific!

Merryl & Bill <> - Alpharetta, Georgia    

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