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Date of Wedding: April 12, 2004    Married At: Candlelight Wedding Chapel

After a lot of study and comparison, we selected the Candlelight Wedding Chapel for our marriage. We couldn't have been happier. Like many of you, the thought of a Las Vegas wedding was a little frightening with all of the talk of Elvis or Gorillas and other nonsense. What we got was a reasonably priced, classy wedding with great and individual service.

If you want to read further, I'll provide some details. First, Candlelight has packages -- like every chapel -- and their brochure says "no substitutions." We didn't like any of the packages, and were able to negotiate exactly what we wanted: no video, extra photos and an organist.

The key to the chapel's customer service is the limo. This is door-to-door service, like other chapels, including escorting you to the license bureau. Getting the license was easy because we got married on a Monday evening and had downloaded the applications in advance and filled them out. We were in and out the door of the license bureau in less than 10 minutes.

Our service was performed by Jean Claude Chevalme, a French emigre who wears cowboy boots and whose ceremony struck a nice chord of being a little solemn, a little humorous and seemed tailored to us. This is amazing considering how many weddings he must have performed.

In terms of details, everything was exactly as planned. Everything was ready for us. There were no surprises, no hidden fees and no pressure to add items to our package or to hurry.

The chapel looks great inside and out. The only drawback is small. It is located at the end of a strip mall, across the street from Circus-Circus. This makes the parking area a little less than glamorous if you have a lot of guests, which we did not, but the simple, elegant interior and the attractive exterior more than make up for the strip mall location. At night, the Circus-Circus lights make a nice background for photographs taken in the gazebo in front.

One other caution: While this is called the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, a candle-lit wedding really isn't allowed by the fire marshal. They would light a couple of small candles if you ask, and provide the standard Unity candlelighting popular with some weddings. You are not, however, going to get a darkened chapel lit only by candles for a romantic ceremony.

We were allowed before and after our service to take photos with our own camera so we have something to show while waiting the three weeks to get proofs of the chapel's photos. Our limo driver, Doug, even took photos of the two of us while we waited, and took our picture (several, in fact) in the limo before we returned to the hotel.

I'm sure part of the reason we were treated well is we were not demanding, were fully prepared and tipped well. But, we saw several other couples -- one with a fairly large wedding party -- getting the same quality of service.

In our pre-wedding search, we looked at several other chapels. We checked them out after arriving in Las Vegas to see if we made the right choice. Some of the locations are scary -- Chapel by the Courthouse comes to mind -- so I would recommend you go with your instincts, whatever your choice. If you do not see interior and exterior photos on the web, there probably is a good reason.

Where ever you go, we hope your wedding is as beautiful as the one we had,

Rick and Irina

The Mazes <> - Washington, DC    

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