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Date of Wedding: March 19, 1994    Married At: Little Chapel of the West (fornt of Hacienda)

Steve Mata and Joneva Barry were wed on at the Little Chapel of the West... In part they chose this place becaue Steves parent had been wed there 28 something years prior... We have been happily married for 9 years and are delighted that Steves brother, Tone Mata, is going to wed the lovely Christine Boullard this Saturday, July 26th 2003... at the very same chapel. So we shall return with outher family members to celbrate a joining in love and a joining of families.

Steve and I had a blast onour wedding,,, the weather was bad and there wer some delays, but when all was done and said the chapel was lovely, the service as well and our families parties with vigor!.

I will never regret our coming together in Las Vesas... Via la Little Chapel of the West!

Your sincerely, Joneva Mata (matas@qnet.come)

Steven and Joneva Mata <> - Pearblossom, California    

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