High Profile Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas weddings have been victims of a bad reputation in some circles for years. An overweight Elvis impersonator marrying you at 3am after a bottle of tequila is the archetype image a lot of us carry.

But don’t let Hollywood’s fantastic version of Vegas fool you. Some of the world’s most famous and well respected couples have tied the knot in Sin City – with some making it to happily ever after.

Sure, Vegas isn’t necessarily the location you first entertain if your wedding is to be planned years in advance with haughty bridesmaids, well orchestrated music, hundreds of guests with meticulously designed seating and an uberexpensive photographer. However, there’s no real reason that it shouldn’t be.

It’s not all about late-night eloping in Las Vegas. A drunken night’s frenzy ending in matrimony is fantastic movie fodder, but it’s far from the truth. The city of Las Vegas offers numerous options for classy, traditional weddings—add a little of Vegas’ famous flair, obviously—and any bride would be satisfied with the location after checking out everything the city has to offer.

You’ll find numerous outlets in Vegas catering to couples’ needs, including a wide range of chapels, banquet rooms for receptions, bakeries and caterers, florists, clothing shops, photo/video options, high-end jewelry stores, and any other type of business or consulting avenue you’d need to pull off a fabulous wedding.

And the truth be told: If a Las Vegas wedding is good enough for world famous celebrities, then it’s definitely good enough for the average Joe’s and Jane’s of the world.

You definitely don’t have to go the private route with a small ceremony. But if you wanted to, you’d be in great company.

The Rock Star


For many celebrities, Sin City was much more than a gambling Mecca. Take famous musician and actor Jon Bon Jovi for example. He married Dorothea Hurley at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in 1989. Mr. and Mrs. Bon Jovi’s ceremony was private, quick and inexpensive. And Jon has no regrets about his wedding location to this day.

The Basketball Player


If you were the greatest basketball player on the planet, you may actually want to have your wedding there. That’s right. In 1989, none other than Michael “Air” Jordan stopped in at the Little White Wedding Chapel to marry Juanita Vanoy in a private ceremony.

You might not be able to seal the deal with a five-karat marquise diamond ring like MJ, but you can certainly book the location.

The Chairman

Long before Las Vegas competition, the world had a simple ebb and flow. Las Vegas was the hub of all gambling, and Frank Sinatra—old blue eyes himself—owned the city. Francis decided that Vegas was not only the perfect location for his Rat Pack shows, but also to marry the 21-year-old Mia Farrow. The two were married in a private ceremony at the Sands in 1966.

They were eventually divorced, but that’s no fault of Vegas. Everyone divorced Sinatra sooner or later.

The Odd Couple

For everyone guessing that Billy Bob Thornton’s and Angelina Jolie’s marriage wouldn’t last, here’s your chance to give one big “I told you so” before moving on. But as unlikely as this couple was as a pairing, the two superstar millionaires found an easy decision in Vegas hosting the ceremony. The Little Church of the West was the location of the wedding in 2000. It’s anybody’s guess as to where the divorce took place in 2003. The moon, perhaps?

The Mogul and the Radical

Jane Fonda and Ted Turner certainly aren’t the most loved people on the planet, but they sure did love each other. This couple’s marriage lasted for a decade and proved that the location didn’t matter quite as much as what most speculate. Ted and Jane were married in Vegas in 1991, in a somewhat private ceremony, and neither party has voiced regret over the decision.

The King

What would Las Vegas be without Elvis Presley – seriously? The King of rock-and-roll wasn’t just one of the most successful singers of all time, or one of the most successful movie stars, or Vegas performers. He also had one of the most famously successful partnerships of all time, with his wife Priscilla Presley. Elvis and Priscilla (Anne Beaulieu) were married in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967 in a private ceremony. Undoubtedly, the King’s nuptials still rein supreme as the most famous ever recited.

Not all of these marriages lasted the long haul, but it’s evident that the wedding location has little to do with a marriage after the fact. Las Vegas is one of the premier wedding destinations on the planet, and you certainly don’t have to make it a private ceremony. Large, lavish weddings are the Vegas forte that no one really knows about.